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Module 10 - Sample CLIL Lessons

Module 10 – Sample CLIL lessons The aim of this module is to show what some other teachers teach through the CLIL approach, and how they translate CLIL theory into practical teaching ideas.
‘Clil4U’ is an EU-funded project intended to assist implementation of CLIL in schools throughout Europe and beyond. As part of the project, 48 ready-to-use Primary and VET scenarios, complete with instructions and materials, have been prepared by working CLIL teachers. These scenarios show aims and objectives, and describe how to plan and teach a CLIL-based module (a subject module from the national curriculum, which is taught through a foreign language).
Learning Stages:
  1. To see what scenarios have been written, follow these links:
  2. Primary Scenarios (these can also be used at Secondary Level):
    VET Scenarios:
  3. Go to your Learning Diary and do Task 1 – Critiquing a scenario.

You have finished the online component of the CLIL4U Blended Learning Course.
The next step is to attend a 1 day Face-2-Face workshop where you can share your ideas and questions, and discuss the problems facing a CLIL teacher.
You can use the ideas you have collected in your PAPeR to prepare for an Assignment. This will involve a practical application of the CLIL approach by preparing and teaching a lesson.

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