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How To Integrate Language and Content Instruction: A Training Manual

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Bilingual Education; Classroom Techniques; Curriculum Development; Elementary School Curriculum; Elementary Secondary Education; English (Second Language); Interdisciplinary Approach; Language Teachers; Lesson Plans; Limited English Speaking; Models; Program Implementation; Second Language Instruction; Teacher Workshops

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A brief narrative description of the journal article, document, or resource. The manual is designed to help educators effectively integrate language and content instruction in teaching students who are learning through a language other than their native tongue. The manual is targeted at teachers, administrators, and teacher trainers involved in English-as-a-Second-Language or bilingual instruction and content-area instruction for limited-English-proficient students. The manual presents a whole educational approach to be used in elementary and secondary classrooms by both content-area and language teachers, and emphasizes collaboration between those two disciplines. In this approach, curriculum integration takes two general forms: (1) content material is incorporated into language classes, and (2) accommodation is made for students' limited English proficiency in content classes. The guide provides information on the approach and its rationale, on specific strategies for integrating language and content instruction, and on specific techniques for adapting materials and for developing lesson plans. The guide also discusses key issues in implementation and outlines three major models for implementation: sheltered classes, integrated curricula, and the whole-school approach. A final section presents the agendas for four staff development workshops of varying lengths and focuses. Appended materials include subject-specific instructional strategy outlines, sample material adaptations and lesson plans, a list of further reading, and a glossary. (MSE)

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