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Grammar Practice through Headway series

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Welcome to Headway online.

New Headway Beginner

New Headway Pre-Intermediate

New Headway Upper-Intermediate

New Headway Elementary

New Headway Intermediate

New Headway Advanced

Practise your English with interactive exercises, puzzles, and games. Try the new Test Builder. You can build a test, then print it or do it on your computer.
Click on the books to choose your level. → → →
Also, for any level...
• Word of the Week
Learn a new word every week.
• Phrase Builder
Listen to and practise phrases from New Headway.
• Website Learning Record
Use this to record what you do on this website.
• The Headway Study Calendar (PDF 100kb)
Get your study calendar here at the beginning of every month to help you learn more words and phrases.

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